PLAandCBEIconCAEL - Views on CBE and PLA, Oct 2015PDF icon PLAPLATransferGuideIconACE - Military Transfer GuidePDF icon PLAPLAStatePolicyIconState Policy Approaches to Support Prior Learning AssessmentPDF icon PLA
PLAFutureCareerTechIconThe Future of Career Technical Education (CTE) AssessmentPDF icon PLAPLAManuelHCCPrior Learning Assessment Manual for Houston Community CollegePDF icon PLAPLA2YearIcon21 Tools for Two Year CollegesPDF icon PLA
PLA ACE Research ReportACE - Credit for Prior LearningPDF icon PLAPLACreditForHeroeswww.collegecreditforheroes.orgPLAwwwIconPLACAELStatePolicyIcon(2)CAEL/HCM - State Policy Approaches to Support PLAPDF icon PLA
PLALoneStarSpringLone Star College PLA Manual - Spring 2014PDF icon PLAPLALoneStarJuneLone Star College PLA Manual - June 2015PDF icon PLAPLACollegeCreditReportIcon(2)TWC College Credit For Heroes Report to Texas Legislature
PLABestPracticesIcon(2)CAEL - Best Practices for Serving the Student VeteranPDF icon PLAPLALinkingLearning(2)CAEL - Linking, Learning, and WorkPDF icon PLAPLACAELHoldingTightCAEL - Holding Tight or at Arm's LengthPDF icon PLA
PLAStandardsforPriorLearningIconStandards in Credit for Prior LearningPDF icon PLAPLATexasWorkActivitiesIconTexas Detailed Work ActivitiesPDF icon PLAPLAEvoLLLutionIconEvoLLLution - Driving Enrollments & Completion: The Value of Accepting PLA for CollegesPDF icon PLA
PLAClarifyingCBETermsIconACE - Clarifying Competency Based Education TermsPDF icon PLAPLACBAProgramPoliciesIconCompetency Based Assessment/Prior Learning Assessment Program (CBA/PLA)PDF icon PLAPLATypesIconTypes of Prior Learning AssessmentPDF icon PLA
PLARandomAccessIconCAEL - Random Access: The Latino Student Experience with PLAPDF icon PLAPLACAELFuelingtheRaceIconCAEL - Fueling the Race to Postsecondary SuccessPDF icon PLAPLACAELMatureLearnerIconCAEL - The Learning That Maturity Brings: An Analysis of the Value of PLA for Mature LearnersPDF icon PLA
PLAevolllutionOverrideIconEvoLLLution - PLA and Competency Overide Need for Traditional DegreesPDF icon PLAPLASharedDesignIconShared Design Elements and Emerging Practices of CBE ProgramsPDF icon PLAPLAjff.orgPracticeBriefIconEmployment and Training Administration, US Department of Labor: PLA Practice BriefPDF icon PLA


PLA Baccalaureate IconPLA Standards for Adult Baccalaureate DegreesPDF icon PLAPLACAELTxAffordable(2)Texas Affordable Baccalaureate ProgramPDF icon PLAPLACAELEmployerViews(2)CAEL - Employer Views on the Value of PLAPDF icon PLA
PLACAELMovingtheStartingLine(2)CAEL - Moving the Starting Line Through PLAPDF icon PLAPLALocatingAmerManuf(2)Locating American ManufacturingPDF icon PLAPLACAELUnderservedCAEL - Underserved Students Who Earn Credit Through PLAPDF icon PLA
PLAJournalLaVerneIconGuiding Classroom Instruction Through Performance AssessmentPDF icon PLA
PLARandEdIconRAND - Measuring Hard-to-Measure Student CompetenciesPDF icon PLAPLARandCBEIconRAND - Competency-Based Education Programs in TexasPDF icon PLA
PLARandCBE3PilotProgramsIconRAND - CBE in Three Pilot ProgramsPDF icon PLA
PLAScoresStudyCase Study - CTCSWV Scores Big with New PLA SystemPDF icon PLA

Other Resources

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